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Gals & Teens ELASTIC masks - My Wyo Designs

Gals & Teens ELASTIC masks

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 Help protect yourself and others around you with the spreading of germs when you cough or sneeze. These masks are double pleated fabric with elastic loops for around your ears and double-sided with two different fabrics. There is a pocket on the inside for a filter for an extra layer of protection to replaced plus a fitted nose piece.

These masks are not hospital-grade (as all DIY are not) N95 are saved for our hospital and first responders and other essential workers in the health fields, these will not prevent you from viruses but work as a great barrier of protection against the public areas where you can not practice social distancing. These are sized for teenagers and adults. If everyone works together we got this! 

  •  Size is 8"x 5" with pleats that open and has elastic
  • 100% quality cotton


  • Cool tones: teal, aqua, purple, 
  • Warm tones are: yellow, orange, coral, hot pink, magenta
  • Black is prints, watercolor prints, geometric prints all in black

Each is made individually and different as each batch is a new group of colors/prints, the pictures are examples of my color themes (you may or may not get the exact print as pictured, you may message me with a request but I can not guarantee I will have that print as I am shipping daily).